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Eyelash Extensions

A beauty trend that just won't quit! Say goodbye to clumpy mascara and messy eyeliner. Eyelash extensions are synthetic fibres that are applied individually to each isolated natural lash using a special adhesive. They allow you to wake up looking more beautiful and awake in the morning.

Lash extensions last the length of your natural growth cycle (30-90 days), and fills are required every 2-3 weeks in order to maintain fullness. Note: after 3 weeks or if more than half of the lashes have shed, we consider this a full set instead of a fill.

Classic Lashes

One extension is applied to each usable natural lash, approximately 100 lashes per eye. This style of lashes results in a natural looking set, but with added length and density. Classic lashes are great for people who are new to wearing extensions. A full application takes 1.5 hrs.

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lashes give you the best of both worlds: length, density and light volume. This is a technique where a mix of classic and volume lashes are applied. A full application takes 2 hrs.


Also known as Russian Volume, or 2D-6D lashes. 2-6 handcrafted fans are applied to each usable natural lash, 200-600 lashes per eye. This style of lashes results in a fluffy & full look.  A full application takes 2.5 hrs. This is an advanced technique, which all of our technicians are proud to offer.


Mega Volume is the most coveted of lash techniques. Handcrafted fans made from 10-15 extensions are applied to each usable natural lash, this means thousands of lashes per eye!. This style of lashes results in a dark, dense and dramatic look. A full application takes 3.5 hrs. This is a highly advanced technique, which is offered by Carly, Lyndsay and Crystal.