Frequently "Lashed" Questions


How are lash extensions applied?

A single natural lash is isolated and the extension is applied with a medical adhesive, 1mm away from the skin at the base of the lash. The glue is fume and latex free. Applying lash extensions is a meticulous process, it requires concentration and a steady hand.

How long does the extension application take?

The Classic Lash procedure can take approximately an hour and a half the first time. Refills take approximately 45 minutes. For Volume Lashes, the first time may take up to two and a half hours, with refills at approximately one hour.  You will be required to keep your eyes closed during the entire procedure, but as it is non-invasive there is no pain or discomfort. Often clients relax by listening to an iPod and/or they fall asleep.

What happens to the lower lashes?

I do not apply extensions to the lower lashes, as the client would need to keep their eyes open for the duration of the procedure. Instead they are held down with an Anti-Wrinkle Gel Patch. This is both soothing and provides a barrier between the tweezers and your under eyes.

Will eyelash extensions make my natural lashes fall out?

No, this is a myth. As the extension is applied only to one natural lash, the extension grows out during your natural growth cycle (30-90 days). With the extensions constantly being replaced on to new lashes they do not encounter any damage over the long term. If your lashes have been damaged by extensions in the past, that is the fault of a poor technician. 

Can I wear eye makeup with lash extensions?

You won't need mascara anymore! Some clients find they no longer even need eyeliner. But you are more than welcome to wear liner and shadows- so long as they're not waterproof. You cannot use any oil based makeup removers, and should be gentle when removing makeup and washing your face.

Can I curl lash extensions?

Eyelash curlers can damage the bond holding the extension to the lash, resulting in poor retention. The extensions are pre-curled and will last through sweat and tears!

Are eyelash extensions suitable for everyone?

Anyone can have eyelash extensions applied as long as there is a natural lash to apply them too. However, if you've had a recent eye infection, cosmetic or eye surgery, or if you're on medicated eye drops you are not a candidate for lash extensions. If you're undergoing chemo treatments you must wait until the last 2 treatments to receive eyelash extensions.

Why doesn't Wink use real mink lash extensions?

Real mink eyelash extensions are being used less and less frequently in the Lash Industry. Mink lashes cannot retain a curl like synthetic ones do, and their colour is also inconsistent between trays (this means the lashes won't look their best on the client). Some clients may develop allergies to mink, especially if they have existing allergies to animals. Wink will never use real mink, even at the request of a client. There are no cruelty-free manufacturers of real mink lash extensions. The largest manufacturers of real mink lashes do not disclose how the animals are treated, which country they keep their fur farms in, and they will not share pictures of the farms. 




How does a Lash Lift work? 

Lash Lifts are done with perming solution - similar to the one used for your hair! Wink applies round silicone perm shields over the closed eyelid, and the top lashes are adhered upwards into a curl. There are 3 steps to the Lash Lift process : perm solution, setting solution and nourishing oil. At the end of the appointment, the silicone shields are removed and your gorgeous curled lashes are revealed! 

Can I tint permed lashes? 

A free tinting is included if you desire darker (black or black brown) lashes. 

Can I still wear mascara?

Please wait 24 hours before getting the lashes wet or using any makeup. After that time, you're welcome to go about your regular beauty routine - use makeup, use your cleansers, swim or sauna! 

How long does a Lash Lift last? 

A lash lift will last 6-8 weeks!