You're engaged! Congratulations. With all the planning that goes into making your dream wedding a reality, it is important not to overlook makeup and hair. On your wedding day, you WILL be the centre of attention. Photos and videos will be taken, you'll be kissed and hugged, and if you're lucky- you might even get the chance to sit long enough to eat or drink. 

Trends will change with every season, so it is important to find inspiration images. Check out Wink's Pinterest boards, and look at wedding magazines. Following an image is a great place to start. The makeup artist will combine elements from your favourite inspiration pictures and adapt them to suit your face shape and personal style.  

You will need to look your absolute best. Do your research before booking someone- and be sure to do at least one trial. Remember that it is all about you, and finding a makeup artist or hairstylist that you trust is key. Wink recommends doing a makeup trial on a day where you have another special event (bridal shower, bachelorette, dinner party). This way, you will get the chance to test the look out in a realistic environment. Do NOT spend the day catching up on laundry. You will want to make sure your friends and family like the makeup and see how it holds up over time. Take photos of your makeup after your trial, in colour and black & white.

Confirm with the bridesmaids, mothers, and grandmothers wether or not they'll be getting their makeup done too. Also, decide where you'll be getting ready. Sometimes brides want the salon experience, and sometimes they want to be at home on the morning of the wedding. The best option is the one that makes you the most comfortable. 

When booking other esthetic services- be sure any facial treatments are done at least one week before the wedding date. Makeup will not stick to a freshly waxed area. 

An element often forgotten when planning your wedding makeup and hair is to ensure you have what's needed for touchups. This includes blotting papers, transparent powder, mascara, lipstick, hairspray, and bobby pins. You're welcome to make yourself an "emergency kit"- and ask your wedding planner, makeup artist, and hairstylist for advice on products to get.